"The Best of L.A.!"
Los Angeles Magazine
July 2000

Chris Barnes can bring the power of the stage to your Business. Building the relationships between executives and sales force, sales force and clients and clients with the message and product of the company is what Chris does best. Chris Barnes and his staff of actors and writers will help you communicate your message with clarity, impact, and lot of wit. Chris has produced, written and performed in major Fortune 500 company industrial shows, including AT&T, Amoco, General Motors and Roadway Trucking.

Corporate Industrial Shows
Whether it's new product info, customer service , internal marketing message or a tribute to your departing dear V.P. of marketing, Chris and crew will write and perform a custom show, develop a series of workshops or whatever the correct approach is to the need of your company. Chris goes straight to the heart and personality of the company, flying out to spend time with you first to get a complete feel of the PEOPLE involved. Chris knows what makes the troops tick, it must be funny, informative while also showing the critical importance of what is being expressed.

corporate_pic01.jpg Training and Workshops
Chris will teach the improvisational skills used today by many of his clients including Zentropy Inc and many others whom have found amazing results. The communications skills needed in today's market have been lost somewhere in the ME generation. Chris introduces the best communication techniques, that are fun and invaluable to any company. Problem solving and brainstorming are the additional aspects covered in these workshops. These techniques can change the direction of a stale presentation to a powerful and dynamic performance. Chris speaks to the worker, he comes from the loading docks and has risen to the office with the big window at ABC Television and Chris appreciates every step along the way. Call Cheryl Browne at Zentropy and ask.

Creative Marketing Services
Chris Barnes can create an Academy Award winning presentation with wit and charm, intelligence and facts and make the message stick. Chris is a master at getting to the heart of client need. Harley Davidson, Roadway Trucking all agree. Chris is the man to work with your company to get the message to the ear of the consumer. Sharp, direct, efficient and funny!!!.

Call now and Chris will respond in three hours. 310-393-6686

"Second City, Santa Monica, 1990"
L: Chris Barnes, M: Ryan Styles (Drew Carey) and R: Rich Kind (Spin City)
  "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Barnes as "Burt Bondi"