Bushi Dojo
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The Comedy Dojo offers other classes separate from the acting, such as Karate and Yoga.

Welcome to Shorin-Ryu Okinawan Karate at Chris Barnes' "Bushi Dojo"

To help you better understand what our school has to offer, please read the following information.

What Is Karate?

In modern usage the word Karate refers to any empty handed martial arts system that traces its origins to the island of Okinawa, Since there is no indigenous Japanese Karate style, all modern Japanese Karate styles owe their existence to Okinawan Karate which was introduced to Japan in 1922.

What Is Shorin-Ryu?

Okinawan Karate developed over the last four centuries in and around the cities if Shuri and Naha. In 1820, for the first time anywhere, Sokun Matsumara (1796-1882), a resident of Shuri, began to codify and systematize the Karate of his region which was partially indigenous and partially Chinese in origin. The result was Shorin-Ryu which in Eng[ish means "pine tree forest way". "Shorin" is how an Okinawan would pronounce the Chinese words "Shao Lin".

How Is Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Different Than Other Karate Styles?

The most important difference is in the area of philosophy. By the time it was introduced to the Okinawan public school system in 1901, Karate was basically a secret art form that had been handed down by father to son, or by teachers that selectively only one or two students. Over many centuries Karate evolved from being a highly lethal fighting system (that proved itself again and again, often in fights that ended in death) to being a much loved, noncompetitive art form that could be credited for simultaneously bringing about great physical and spiritual self-improvement as well as self defense.

Karate was introduced to mainland Japan from Okinawa in 1922. In an effort to better market it for a people already immersed in competitive martial arts forms such as Kendo and Judo, the Japanese began to emphasize competition and fighting as opposed to, the traditional Okinawan vehicle for self development: Kata.

What Is Kata?

A Kata is a series of defensive and offensive techniques that are executed against one or more imaginary opponents. There are elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels and a Kata can range in length from approximately 20 to 60 moves. A Kata is performed repeatedly, each repetition building towards the goal of perfection. When a Kata is executed property the body and mind become one, and the Kata practitioner enters a state of moving meditation. We strive to attain this state of being, for through it we improve ourselves physically and spiritually. Kata is the essence of Karate. All that there is to be learned in Karate can be learned from Kata.

This of course is separate from the comedy but many students enjoy both Art forms, for mind/ body exercise. Classes are before the comedy and on week-ends. Yoga Wed. 6pm and Sunday 10am. Arigato, Chris Barnes, 3rd degree blackbelt. Bushi Dojo